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Albuquerque Heroin Treatment

Heroin TreatmentHeroin has seen a resurgence within the city’s borders, making its way into Albuquerque through the Mexican drug trade. Though Mexican black tar heroin constitutes the majority of heroin in circulation, brown powdered heroin also enters the state through its southern region, and Albuquerque has become a point of distribution and transit for the western regions of the country. Lifetime heroin use of New Mexico youth also remains one of the highest in the nation, with more than five percent of high schoolers having tried the drug – most by the age of 17.

Overdose and Withdrawal Concerns for Heroin Patients

As heroin addiction remains a pressing problem within Albuquerque, concern about overdoses from the drug have come to light, as well. In fact, the State of New Mexico has experienced more than its share of heroin-related addictions – and related drug fatalities. In fact, in 1999 alone, New Mexico lost 224 residents to drug abuse, with more than two-thirds related to heroin abuse, giving the state the highest per-capita rate of heroin deaths in the nation.

Depression of the Central Nervous System is one of the foremost dangers of heroin abuse, with overdoses marked by muscle spasms, weak pulse, hypotension, digestive spasms, constricted pupils and slowed breathing. Skin remains clammy, cold and often takes on a bluish hue as systems begin to shut down, at times giving way to seizures or coma. Unfortunately, self-initiated attempts at sobriety – and ensuing relapses – often can lead to binge-related overdoses as withdrawal symptoms and cravings kick in. Additionally, due to the body’s sensitivity to heroin and the opiate tolerance that builds with prolonged use, many individuals miscalculate dosages especially after periods of abstinence, leading to lethal levels of ingestion.

Heroin Abuse and Treatment in Albuquerque and New Mexico

In order to safely and effectively withdrawal from heroin, professional addiction treatment is almost always necessary. In fact, numbers related to those seeking heroin treatment in New Mexico has remained high, with 278 cases of heroin-related addiction treatment in 1998 alone. Additionally, demand for heroin treatment in certain regions of New Mexico has outpaced addiction recovery facilities’ ability to keep up with the growing epidemic. In fact, demand for heroin drug rehabilitation causes a high rate of out-of-state referrals for inpatient addiction programs from local recovery facilities simply due to lack of capacity within the State of New Mexico itself.

Treatment for Albuquerque Heroin Addicts

Finding the right drug treatment facility to effectively treat heroin addiction and its potential complications can be an overwhelming experience. For those in the City of Albuquerque, a lack of sufficient resources – and even low enrollment capacity – within local borders can make the search for heroin addiction treatment even more frustrating for the uninitiated. Our addiction specialists can refer you to some of the nation’s most well-regarded heroin addiction treatment facilities to help you start the recovery process. We invite you to call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to receive answers to your questions about heroin addiction and receive referrals to rehab facilities that can help you or a loved one move beyond addiction and into a life of sobriety once again.