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Attention-Seeking Behaviors and Addiction

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionThe majority of people enjoy being the center of attention on occasion, and drama occurs in everyone’s life from time to time. What separates individuals with attention-seeking behaviors from those dealing with everyday drama is their habit of consistently acting out for attention, even if they must harm themselves or others to receive it.

In many cases, the attention-seeking behavior boils down to an inability to communicate in a healthy way. Some people communicate that they need attention from friends and loved ones through detrimental behaviors, such as drug abuse and addiction. If your loved one in Albuquerque is struggling with addiction and attention-seeking behaviors, you can find treatment programs to address both issues.

Does Someone You Know in Albuquerque Exhibit Attention-Seeking Behavior?

While the term “attention-seeking behavior” is broad and consequently difficult to define, there are a number of qualities and consistent actions with which it is identified. If you think someone you know in Albuquerque may be struggling with addiction and attention-seeking behaviors, here are some signs to look for:

  • Being dependent on the attention of others to feel a sense of value – low self-esteem corresponds with the desire for other people’s constant interest.
  • Being emotionally manipulative – the individual wishes to feel in control of situations and other people. Examples of emotional manipulation include tactical ignoring, exaggeration, and playing the victim.
  • Exhibiting self-destructive behavior – while self-destructive behavior such as intentional self-harm, recklessness, drug use, and sabotaging healthy relationships cannot always be blamed on a need for attention, when combined with other attention-seeking behaviors they may be a sign of a problem.
  • Attention-seeking behaviors resulting from pain or trauma – broken relationships, unstable mental health, and many other factors may contribute to an individual’s need for attention.

In many cases, the individual is not aware that their actions are manipulative or immature. Histrionic personality disorder is a mental health condition characterized by behavior such as the need for approval and inappropriately seductive behavior; the need for attention may take this form or various others.

How Are These Behaviors Related to Drug Abuse?

Drug use is just one way Albuquerque residents may try to gain attention through detrimental behavior. It is often easy for an addict to allow the world to revolve around him, whether he means to or not. Because addiction affects a person’s mental, physical, and emotional state by causing health problems and single-minded drug-seeking behavior, addicts can too easily get wrapped up in their own addiction.

The need for attention of this sort can complicate recovery from many addicts. The goal of recovery is to reverse the damage of addiction and help the addict achieve a healthy state of body and mind by breaking the dependency on a harmful substance. If the addict’s struggles in treatment were a cause of extra attention from loved ones and professionals, then the stability of recovery may leave him tempted to relapse or to find another source of drama unless this psychological need is thoroughly addressed in treatment.

Help for Albuquerque Residents Struggling with Addiction

Comprehensive and individualized professional treatment can help an addict not only overcome the addiction itself, but also deal with the underlying issues and need for attention as well. If you or a loved one in Albuquerque is struggling with drug addiction, call our toll-free helpline to find the resources and addiction treatment options that are right for you. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day, please call today.