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Chemical Dependence Treatment

Chemical Dependence TreatmentSimply put, a chemical dependency is the inability to stop using harmful substances like drugs or alcohol. It is a complex illness that affects individuals on both the physical and psychological level. When Albuquerque residents develop a chemical dependence they feel like they need to use the substance regardless of any negative consequences that using might cause.

How Is Chemical Dependence Treated?

A chemical dependence is treated in much the same way as other addictions. It is possible to overcome a chemical dependence without attending a rehab program. However, Albuquerque addicts who attend rehab have a much greater chance of lifelong success as opposed to those who quit their addictions cold turkey.

The first step of any rehab program is to flush the substance from the addict’s system. This process is called detox. Because of the withdrawal symptoms that accompany detox, it is important to complete this step under the supervision of a medical or addiction specialist. Some rehab programs merely assist Albuquerque patients with safe detox and send them home once it is complete. However, in order to achieve lasting sobriety, it is important to find the root cause of your addiction.

Find a rehab facility that offers counseling and group therapy. There is not a universal reason that Albuquerque residents become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but the goal of chemical dependence treatment is to find out what caused each addict to become addicted. Some of the reasons can be deeply hidden to everyone but a trained counselor. Some people may have a family history of alcoholism or drug abuse and have higher chances of abusing drugs or alcohol. Emotional trauma, stress, and loneliness can also contribute to a chemical dependency. In counseling you can explore these issues, discover how they have pushed you towards substance abuse and learn your personal triggers that cause you to want to use.

There is a misconception that addicts have control over their addictions and that they, in a sense, choose to become addicted. While, initially, Albuquerque addicts do choose to use a substance, they have no control over the bodily cravings for the substance. After addicts are hooked, they can’t stop using even if they want to. For this reason, treatment is essential. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can beat your addiction on your own. Addiction is much more complex than a simple exercise in willpower. Don’t struggle through this illness alone. Albuquerque residents can get help today.

Chemical Dependence Help for Albuquerque Residents

If you live in Albuquerque and are suffering from a chemical dependence, call our toll-free helpline now. We are available 24 hours a day to help you. We are ready and able to help you overcome this chemical dependence. We want to help you move toward a drug free life. Don’t waste another day on addiction. Get help. Call us today.