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Confusing Your Loved One and the Addiction

Confusing Your Loved One and the AddictionAddiction is considered a disease because it alters the chemistry of the brain by changing a person’s thoughts, behavior and even values. Things that were once priorities in Albuquerque to an addict –family, friends, hobbies and work – may become less important as experiencing the effects of drug or alcohol become his or her first priority.

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a loved one’s addiction is understanding that he or she is not him or herself. Friends, family members and colleagues may feel as though the addict is a completely different person than he or she once was in Albuquerque, and if the addict could see things clearly, he or she would probably feel the same way.

Communicating with an Addict

The reasons why an addict should quit using seem logical to non-addicts, especially those that see the way his or her life and the lives of others are negatively impacted in Albuquerque. It is frustrating to try to communicate with someone who cannot reason well because of the way addiction has affected his or her brain.

Being honest while showing unconditional love is the healthiest attitude to have when communicating with an addict in Albuquerque. Try to remember that addiction cannot be overcome by willpower alone. Its hold on a person is powerful and often deeply changes an addict’s personality. The support of a friend, partner, or family member can make a big difference in discerning the addiction’s effect in changing the addict.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

One of the dangers of caring for a loved one with an addiction in Albuquerque is becoming codependent on the addict. Taking care of him or her can consume someone’s life so much that the loved one needs the addict as much as the addict needs his or her loved one. In a way, this can be considered enabling – the addict knows that someone will be there to care for him or her and accommodate him or her no matter how out of control he or she gets in Albuquerque.

Being supportive without being an enabler is a difficult task. One of the key aspects of maintaining this balance is to maintain consistency in Albuquerque. If an addict’s parents say they will no longer lend him or her money but continue to do so, the addict is likely to continue the destructive behavior. Even if it is painful, an addict’s loved ones have to set boundaries in order to not only to protect themselves but to help the addict realize that he or she needs to recover. Allowing an addict to experience the natural consequences of addiction in Albuquerque will help him or her understand why he or she should make different choices.

Treatment for Addiction

If you or a loved on is struggling with addiction, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a trained counselor about your treatment options. A personalized treatment program may lead your loved one to long-lasting recovery. Please call today.