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Divorce and Addiction

Divorce and AddictionDrug or alcohol addiction can be a life consuming experience with numerous adverse effects on personal health, finances, and relationships. Divorce can often be a common occurrence among spouses who struggle with addiction. Addiction can cause an individual to become so involved with his drug of choice that all other aspects of life become less important. The spouse struggling with addiction can begin to shun responsibilities at work or at home and often start ignoring the other spouse. Drug can be very expensive and the addict may start depleting the savings account or use other funds in order to obtain the drugs. Many drugs can also cause a person to lose inhibitions and engage in risky sexual behaviors with other people. There are numerous negative effects that drug addiction can have on a marriage that can result in divorce. While divorce can be common due to drug addiction it can also significantly contribute to addiction. Some different ways that divorce can contribute to an Albuquerque resident’s struggle with drug addiction can include the following:

  • The separation can cause severe depression that can lead to consuming dangerous and potentially fatal amounts of drugs.
  • If there are children involved in the divorce it can be painful for the addict to not be able to see them which can result in heavier drug use.
  • When divorce occurs the addict is often not left with anyone to help them receive treatment or try to recover.
  • Divorce can create more space for uninterrupted drug related activities when less space and treatment is what is actually needed.

Divorce can arise at any point during drug use and addiction and is often instigated by the sober. In many cases of drug-related divorce in Albuquerque the addict has done something seemingly unforgiveable or irreconcilable. Some of the different points where the sober spouse may decide to leave tend to include the following:

  • After a drug-related affair
  • When a large amount of money is spent on drugs
  • After the addict refuses to seek treatment during an intervention
  • If the drugs have caused the addict to become violent with the spouse
  • When children are neglected or abused by the addict
  • If the addict loses his job due to drug use

Drug addiction related divorce can often be avoided by professional addiction treatment and couples therapy. Addiction treatment can help the addict to get sober and learn to live again without drugs. During treatment the addict and the spouse can attend counseling that specializes in addiction. Treatment and therapy can provide Albuquerque residents with the necessary tools to live drug free and prevent divorce.

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