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Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?

Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?To unwind from work or stress, some Albuquerque residents may go through a six-pack of beer or some painkillers and think it is harmless because it is routine. In fact, every night may end the same way, with alcohol or drugs. They may say it isn’t anything to worry about because they function at work every day, but the truth is that this is a worrisome habit. Although your life may seem successful and problem-free, you may be a functional addict.

What Is a Functional Addict?

To some, functional addicts look like another normal person. They can hold down a job, pay bills and care for their children. But looks can be deceiving and bad habits catch up with Albuquerque drug addicts eventually. Although you may appear to be a healthy and successful individual on the outside, your regular drug or alcohol use is slowly destroying your body. The physical evidence may not be apparent at first, but eventually your health will begin to deteriorate. You may develop cancer, or other physical consequences could ensue. Just because you don’t look the part of an addict, doesn’t mean you can’t be one. If you fear that you or another Albuquerque resident may be a functional addict, seek help today.

Getting Treatment for Functional Addiction in Albuquerque

It can be difficult to get functional addicts to realize they have an addiction problem; even if they do acknowledge their addiction, many are unwilling to seek help. Because they have jobs and function well in their positions, they see no reason to waste time and money on rehab. However, it is essential that functional addicts receive treatment as soon as possible, because it could save Albuquerque residents a lot of pain and heartache. Although functional addicts seem to have everything under control, they could eventually spiral into an uncontrollable addiction. They may need more and more of their drug of choice, and eventually they will no longer be able to maintain appearances. Their lives will begin to fall apart. Their relationships will suffer and job performance will decrease. Additionally, their health will deteriorate and permanent problems may arise.

Family members and other Albuquerque loved ones can play an important role in helping their loved one get help. They can confront the addict or even call a professional interventionist to persuade the addict into addiction treatment. There are many ways you can help yourself or a loved one, so call today to figure out what you can do.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

If you or an Albuquerque loved one is a functional drug addict, call our toll-free helpline now where professionals are available 24 hours a day. We will help you get the treatment you need and will answer any questions you have. Don’t wait to get the help that can transform lives.