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Help for Addiction to Benzos and Alcohol

Help for Addiction to Benzos and AlcoholAlcohol addiction is not a new problem. Benzos (or benzodiazepines) are medically useful drugs engineered in the 20th century that have rapidly become a drug of choice for addicts in Albuquerque. The two drugs are now frequently used together, which is a practice called poly drug abuse, and the results can be dangerous and tragic.

A Potent Pairing

Benzos and alcohol are very different in their chemical composition and origins. Unfortunately, they are used together quite often by the people who abuse them in Albuquerque. Some of the reasons for this connection include:

  • Availability – Both can be acquired without breaking any laws. This status leaves a lower barrier to use during the early stages of abuse and the development of addiction. Although illegal means may be needed to acquire high doses of benzos, abuse can begin by simply disobeying the instructions for a prescribed medication.
  • Interaction – Many users describe an intensification of alcohol’s effects when also using benzos.
  • Misused treatment – Benzos are sometimes prescribed by doctors to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholics as their bodies adjust to abstinence. A relapse during this period can introduce the alcoholic to the effects of the two drugs in combination.
  • Anxiety link – Benzos like Xanax are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety. Alcohol is commonly used in an attempt to “self-medicate” anxiety. When the medical treatment and home remedy are mixed, so are alcohol and benzos.

All of these reasons together make the combined abuse of alcohol and benzos very common in Albuquerque.

Worse Together

Abuse of either alcohol or benzos alone is destructive and dangerous. But using them together can creates additional problems in Albuquerque.

Alcohol and benzos used together creates a frightening overdose potential. While it is possible to die from an acute overdose of benzos or alcohol, the danger is far greater when using the two of them in combination in Albuquerque. Benzos normally slow down brain activity, but adding alcohol makes the effect potentially fatal. Breathing and heart rate, which the brain is supposed to regulate, can be so suppressed by the two drugs that the processes stop altogether.

The amnesia potential of the two drugs in combination is greater than with either alcohol or benzos used alone. Together, the loss of memory, or even the inability to create memories, can become very severe. Addicts in Albuquerque who have recovered from years of benzo and alcohol abuse have reported that years-long stretches of their lives are only vaguely remembered or even missing from their memories completely.

Two Drugs, One Treatment Plan

Treatment plans for addiction to a combination of drugs are similar to treatment plans for addiction to a single drug. However, some additional considerations for users of alcohol and benzos in Albuquerque might include:

  • Inpatient treatment – The complexity of a poly drug addiction make it more difficult to treat on an outpatient basis.
  • Supervised detoxification – It can be much more difficult to cope with the body’s adjustment when more than one drug is being removed from the body. Doctors may prescribe medications to help ease this transition.
  • Additional psychological attention – Benzo and alcohol abuse can create serious problems with depression that would need to be addressed during treatment.

No person or addiction is exactly like any other in Albuquerque. A good treatment plan addresses the challenges of poly drug addiction and the individual complications it creates.

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