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How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?

How Do I Know If I'm Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?The addiction recovery process takes much more time to break than to create. Drug or alcohol dependency can start with one experiment or one filled prescription, but full recovery can take months, years or even a lifetime. Recognizing signposts in that process can encourage Albuquerque residents for a lasting, addiction-free future.

How Addiction Recovery Works for Albuquerque Residents

Many people misunderstand recovery in thinking it is a destination, but addiction is not like a cold that can be eliminated with proper treatment. Although Albuquerque drug addicts require rehab, the addictive patterns never leave the brain. To live a healthy, productive life, recovering addicts must work around those patterns and refuse to succumb to drug cravings. In this way, though the struggles are mostly internal, the recovery process is similar to living with a missing arm or leg. In time new skills can be developed and a full and rich life can be experienced despite a disability.

Signs of Addiction Recovery in Albuquerque

The simplest sign of recovery is whether an Albuquerque drug addict uses drugs in a day. This philosophy is popular because it works. The addicted mind causes the addict to think about the big picture – say, the next 50 years – feel overwhelmed at surviving that long without using, so they crack. But when that struggle is broken into much smaller and more manageable pieces, the prospect looks much more possible. Can you survive one more day without drugs, alcohol or an addictive behavior? Each day that you remain sober is another brick in what will one day be a long road of recovery.

There are other signposts of addiction recovery; take for instance the following list:

  • Temptations to use are fewer and farther between than they used to be
  • Ongoing counseling that builds healthy habits
  • Relationships are being restored, or at least not being harmed further
  • Finances are growing stronger
  • Your performance at school or work is improving
  • You are rediscovering neglected activities that were once important to you
  • You are managing stressful situations, small or large, without using

It is important for you to recognize your accomplishments and remain vigilant against cravings. Ongoing support groups and counseling is a critical part of this process. In group meetings you have the opportunity to support others in recovery by helping them recognize their own signposts while they help you recognize yours.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

If you are not seeing these signposts in your life, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Maybe you have been managing your recovery and need some additional support. Our counselors are standing by to answer your questions and to connect you with recovery resources that will make all the difference in your journey.