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Overcoming Recovery Plateaus

Overcoming Recovery PlateausCommitting to addiction treatment is a brave step and the beginning of recovery. It can push addicts the right direction and change the rest of their lives. But that doesn’t mean that recovery is easy: it presents many challenges and requires a great deal of perseverance, especially when addicts face recovery plateaus.

Albuquerque drug addicts can progress swiftly through the first stages of treatment. Change happens rapidly when they commit to recovery and pass through the doors of a treatment center. Despite the difficulty of detox, addicts often believe that they have already revolutionized their lives just by getting clean and beginning to heal. But every addict inevitably experiences hardship, especially when it feels like recovery has stopped.

Identifying and Moving beyond Recovery Plateaus

Albuquerque drug addicts can identify recovery plateaus through the following behaviors and thought patterns:

  • Negativity – Maintaining a positive attitude is easier when there are noticeable results. But when recovery slows the addict may think negatively, which he must counter by remembering his positive changes and what will be accomplished.
  • Dwelling on temptation – It may be more difficult for recovering addicts to avoid situations where drugs are easily accessible or to distract themselves from their desire to use
  • Anxious thoughts – Sometimes the fear of relapse can cause anxiety that eventually pushes an addict back into drug use
  • Social interactions – After recovering addicts enjoy life apart from drugs, they may later withdraw socially, which indicates a recovery plateau. Likewise, choosing to party or put themselves in situations where drugs are prevalent can suggest the same problem.

It is true that every recovering addict’s story is unique. Albuquerque residents who undergo treatment may face moments when they feel alone in their sufferings. It is easy for them to get discouraged when they hit plateaus, but it is important to remember that everyone faces these slow periods in recovery. It is completely normal to have a recovery journey that is inconsistent and has slower periods of progress.

Deciding to move past recovery plateaus and stick to treatment programs will help Albuquerque drug addicts continue to acquire the skills and motivation to recover, even after relapse.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

If you or an Albuquerque loved one is struggling with a drug addiction and is ready to continue working on recovery, then call our toll-free helpline today to speak with a trained counselor about your treatment options. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you move forward with the choice to change your life. Please call today for instant help.