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Physical Disability and Addiction

Physical Disability and AddictionLiving with a physical disability can create many different forms of emotional stress that can lead to illicit drug use. Albuquerque residents who developed a physical disability later in life due to an accident are more prone to developing an addiction. In some cases people with physical disabilities may self-medicate by using pain pills or other substances for relief. People with physical disabilities who self-medicate often become dependent on the substance and feel they are unable to survive without it. This psychological dependence commonly leads to addiction. Some other contributing factors to addiction among people with physical disabilities include the following:

  • Coping with severe depression due disability
  • Coping with negative feelings that arise from being discriminated against or abused
  • Negative feelings that arise in the cases of not being able to have meaningful or sexual relationships with a significant other
  • Not being able to work
  • Not being able to participate in normal activities with other peers

A person dealing with a physical disability can often feel that he has been cast outside of society which can cause them to turn to drugs for comfort. People with a physical disability can often develop a sense that they are stuck inside a broken body which can lead them to abuse it with drugs and alcohol. Many physical disabilities produce chronic pain that sometimes require prescription pain pills to manage. Over long periods of time Albuquerque residents can develop a tolerance to the pain pills and require higher doses more often to achieve the same pain relieving affect. This tolerance often leads to addiction. People dealing with physical disabilities are also challenged with obstacles surrounding getting proper treatment and being able to recover.

Addiction Treatment for the Physically Disabled in Albuquerque

Traditional addiction treatment facilities are often not adequately equipped to treat people with severe physical disabilities. Transportation to and from out-patient programs can also be difficult in some cases. The development of specialized addiction treatment facilities are on the rise as the awareness of the correlation between disability and addiction gains attention. These specialized treatment facilities are adequately equipped to address the problems that people with a physical disability may face when seeking addiction treatment. They have specially trained, sensitive staff members and physical therapists that are able to address the addiction and the disability. Professional treatment at a licensed facility will provide the best recovery results for Albuquerque residents struggling to balance their disability and their addiction.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Addiction?

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