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Recovery Challenges Facing Fathers

Recovery Challenges Facing FathersRecovering from addiction can be difficult in and of itself as the addict needs constant support from others and daily self-focus. Being a father in recovery can create many different challenges that can make recovery harder than it normally is. Recovering from addiction commonly requires daily support from friends and family, going to therapy sessions and participating in 12-step programs, which can all be made more difficult when having to provide for a family. Recovering from addiction often demands a lot of self-focus so as not to fall into a pattern of being exposed to temptations and relapse triggers. Some of the different recovery challenges facing fathers include the following:

  • Properly caring for children and ensuring that they are healthy and happy
  • Finding proper childcare during therapy sessions and 12-step meetings
  • Financially providing for a child and a family
  • Explaining past absences and behaviors due to stages of addiction
  • Adjusting to the stressors of parenthood without drugs and alcohol
  • Rebuilding trust within the parent and child relationship
  • Dealing with social stigmas of addiction and parenthood

It can be difficult for a recovering father to maintain recovery while trying to rebuild a healthy family. One of the most beneficial forms of therapy for fathers in recovery is family-based therapy. Family-based therapy can help to recognize and address all the negative aspects of family life that may be contributing factors to the addiction. Some of the different ways that family-based therapy can help include the following:

  • Providing education for all family members about the disease of addiction and how it occurs
  • Offering relationship counseling and the development of healthier communication skills
  • Addressing and resolving past trauma that may still be contributing to strain within relationships
  • Allowing for practical skill development for healthier daily interactions with one another

Gaining support from other close family members and friends to help alleviate some of the many stressors that can arise from juggling addiction recovery and fatherhood can be beneficial. Being open and honest about the recovery and past addiction with children can help them to better understand the situation. In addition, being on time for the child’s different events and not making promises that cannot be kept is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship.

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