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Recovery Challenges Facing Single Mothers

Recovery Challenges Facing Single MothersDue to the many hardships of single parenthood, a single mother may seek solace in alcohol or drug abuse. However, self-medicating stress and anxiety with substance abuse is a short-term solution that creates many problems. Substance abuse often begins a dangerous addiction that requires professional treatment.

Single mothers in Albuquerque who struggle with addiction have many challenges as they seek recovery. One such challenge is securing childcare during treatment, another is the ability to pay for treatment and yet another challenge is finding the time to take away from work and family for rehab. While these are all serious concerns, anyone can recover from drug addiction, because many centers take these unique issues into consideration to help even a busy single mother quit drugs.

Effects of Drug Addiction on Single Mothers

Substance abuse damages a single mother’s ability to function at work and at home. It leads to a lack of interest and devotion to everyday responsibilities, which is especially problematic because, when a mother becomes disinterested in caring for her child, then the child’s development suffers too. Addiction is a disease that causes Albuquerque residents to seek drug use above all other responsibilities, which means a mother cannot focus on her surroundings. To address this, some rehab programs are designed for single mothers, and they can help families heal from the devastating effects of substance abuse.

How Can Single Mothers Recover from Drug Addiction?

Addiction recovery is a process that often requires repeated treatment. People may think they cannot sacrifice the money or time needed for rehab, but Albuquerque mothers who are sober are much more capable than addicted ones to provide for their families. Despite the many challenges single mothers face in addiction recovery, the following treatment programs can accommodate their unique needs:

  • Inpatient treatment – Some inpatient treatment programs are designed uniquely for women, so they provide childcare and allow children to live at treatment facilities with their mothers. Many treatment programs do not provide this option, so a single mother may choose to leave her child with family members while she undergoes residential treatment. Inpatient treatment is an intensive process recommended for those suffering from severe addictions.
  • Outpatient treatment – Some single mothers attend outpatient rehab so they can treat addiction while they also live at home. Outpatient treatment lessens the burden of finding childcare, since patients do not live at the treatment facility. This type of care is recommended for those in the early stages of addiction who are deeply motivated to recover. Some outpatient treatments, such as group therapy sessions, should continue even after recovery to prevent relapse.
  • Sober living homes – In many sober living homes, single mothers live on-site with their children, which largely eliminates the need for outside childcare. Sober living homes are safe places where people in similar circumstances cohabitate after completing rehab. Sober living homes allow recovering addicts to rebuild their lives and regain responsibility while living in community.

If you are a single mother in Albuquerque and need addiction help, do not believe that you are a hopeless case.

Addiction Help for Albuquerque’s Single Mothers

We can help Albuquerque residents find the rehab program that is right for them. We can work with you to fulfill your unique needs as a single parent and as a recovering drug addict. Please call our toll-free helpline right now, because we are available 24 hours a day to help recover.