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Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionOnce an addict commits himself to sobriety, all of their relationships must adapt to the new style of living for the recovering addict. Recovering addicts will be given the tools and knowledge needed to help them tackle the task of developing new healthy relationships and repair the broken relationships. If Albuquerque residents involved in a recovering addict’s life refuse to adapt the relationship to help the addict’s sobriety, chances are the addict will either relapse or they will go their separate ways.

Sobriety’s Effects on Relationships

While in treatment Albuquerque addicts are taught the skills that are needed to maintain sobriety upon release and completion of treatment. One guideline that treatment programs stress is the need to change preexisting relationships as well as how to develop new, healthy, and non-drug using relationships. Included in the following are some examples of relationships that are impacted by sobriety:

  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Friends

More times than none, if one person in a marriage is an addict it is likely that the spouse is also an addict. If one person seeks treatment and the other one does not, resentment can enter the relationship. However, if there is only one addict in the marriage, the relationship will improve dramatically once the addict completes treatment. Family members will need to adjust to the new life and responsibility that the recovering addict now encompasses. Drug-using friends will feel abandoned while the recovering addict develops new friendships with non-drug using people.

How Does Addiction Impact Relationships in Albuquerque?

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect any relationships. Even the strongest relationships can crumble when addiction is present. Addiction can impact relationships in the following ways:

  • Trust
  • Steeling
  • Disappointment
  • Health

Albuquerque addicts will often lie to family and friends to receive money or other items that can be traded to support their addiction. If family and friends do not cave or believe the addict’s lies, addicts may resort to stealing from them. Non-drug using friends and family may be disappointed in the actions and behaviors of the addict. The health of both the addict and their loved ones can decline drastically. The stress from constant worry and financial difficulties can take a toll on one’s health.

Addiction Treatment for Albuquerque Residents

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