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Albuquerque Valium Treatment

Valium TreatmentThe rise of prescription drug abuse within Albuquerque, New Mexico has created concern across the city’s metropolitan region. In particular, Valium – also known as diazepam – abuse has led to addiction for countless residents of the city. Belonging to a powerful class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, Valium is usually prescribed for psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia – though the drug can also be used to treat selected physical conditions such as seizures, muscle spasms and restless legs syndrome. In rarer cases, benzodiazepines such as Valium have been prescribed for alcohol withdrawal; however, in cases of relapse, the use of both drugs together can be dangerous or even fatal.

As a benzodiazepine, Valium depresses the Central Nervous System much in the same way that alcohol does. In fact, statistics show that even a single dose of Valium in combination with alcohol can be fatal. Many Valium-dependent individuals also find mood and personality become affected, leading to emotional numbness, irritability, unpredictable moods and severe depression. Prolonged Valium abuse can lead to lowered coordination, mental dissociation, lowered concentration, verbal memory issues and even serious speech conditions such as aphasia.

Valium Addiction Treatment for Albuquerque Residents

Because Valium is often prescribed for anxiety-related conditions, many Albuquerque residents seeking treatment for Valium abuse need concurrent treatment of mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder or specific phobias. While there rehab programs exist for those addicted to benzodiazepines such as Valium, the need for inpatient drug rehabilitation within the State of New Mexico has outpaced inpatient capacity in recent years. Additionally, not every drug rehabilitation center offers Dual Diagnosis capability to concurrently treat both benzodiazepine addiction and the mental health disorders and conditions that often lie underneath addiction itself. For many individuals, seeking alternative therapies to address anxiety disorders becomes a vital step of recovery – especially for those who have come to rely on psychiatric medicines such as Valium in order to cope with such conditions.

Help for Albuquerque Valium Addicts

For those seeking a drug treatment program that will cater to Dual Diagnosis conditions and provide focused therapy for addiction to Valium or other benzodiazepines, help is available. If you or a loved one in Albuquerque faces Valium addiction, our confidential counselors can help you locate professional addiction treatment when you call our toll-free number today. Our caring and compassionate staff members are available 24 hours a day to listen to your story and answer any questions you might have about Valium addiction treatment.