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What If My Loved One Refuses to Continue Treatment?

What If My Loved One Refuses to Continue Treatment?Aftercare is an important part of lasting addiction recovery, but not everyone chooses to take advantage of this resource. Other Albuquerque residents do not finish a rehab program, stay in treatment for the recommended amount of time or continue to meet with a counselor or therapist. There are many reasons that patients leave treatment prematurely, but there are also methods of encouraging patients to finish their addiction recovery program.

Why Do Albuquerque Residents Leave Drug Treatment Programs Early?

One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome during drug treatment is the process of detox. Detox occurs early in the treatment process and is accompanied by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary based on the drug used and on drug use patterns. Albuquerque residents may be tempted to leave treatment and return to drug use as soon as these symptoms appear, but they are only a temporary discomfort on the path to a drug-free life.

Albuquerque residents may find excuses and reasons to leave treatment such as feeling isolated from other patients or as though they do not “belong” in treatment. They may point to differences in religious, political and other beliefs, or they may stress differences in economic or addiction backgrounds. It can be unpleasant and humiliating for an addict to admit that he or she needs treatment. Shame can cause a patient to place blame and responsibility elsewhere. A patient may complain about the food, staff, accommodations or counselor, but these complaints are merely excuses to leave treatment and return to drug use.

After treatment Albuquerque residents may believe that treatment principles and practices are repetitive and no longer necessary. They may believe that they are no longer benefiting from a rehab program, counseling sessions or support group meetings. They may be overconfident in their ability to remain sober despite temptations and triggers.

How to Encourage Albuquerque Residents to Complete Addiction Rehabilitation

One way to eliminate many excuses and complaints expressed by Albuquerque residents in treatment is to visit rehab facilities with the prospective participant before he or she enters into rehab. If the patient approved of the facility and staff during the early steps of entering rehab, he or she may feel more accountable for the decision. However this does not mean that you will not hear complaints from the rehab patient. Remember that these complaints may be the result of avoidance rather than genuine misery. Contact with treatment patients may be limited for the early portion of rehab, but do not overcompensate for this mandatory lack of communication once it is lifted. When you can communicate with your loved one, remain uplifting and encouraging. Though you may miss your loved one, do not express this to such a degree that your loved one will want to leave treatment prematurely.

Enter or Re-entering Rehab for Albuquerque Residents

If you or someone that you care about has left rehab early or is need of an inpatient drug treatment program, please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline. The professionals answering the phones can answer initial questions and arrange rehab admissions. We can connect you with aftercare resources, interventionists and other resources that will benefit your loved one’s addiction recovery. Call now and learn how we can help.