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What Is Community Reinforcement?

What Is Community Reinforcement?A community reinforcement approach (CRA) treats substance abuse through behavioral therapy. The community reinforcement and family training approach (CRAFT) has developed from CRA and seeks to teach family members about substance abuse and how to help addicts. CRAFT aims to empower families to get loved ones into treatment and also prevent domestic violence as a result of drug abuse. Family members are trained on how to use positive reinforcement, various communication skills and natural consequences to get Albuquerque loved ones into treatment. CRA and CRAFT were developed by Dr. Robert J. Meyers, a research psychologist and professor. Dr. Meyers conducts training sessions on CRA for those seeking to learn how to practice the model.

How Community Reinforcement Works

Community reinforcement often consists of the following treatment methods:

  • A program that helps people find and keep jobs
  • Marital counseling that rewards people for sobriety and withholds benefits for relapse
  • Training to improve social skills, like communication, managing anger and taking and giving feedback
  • Teaching patients how to analyze problems to avoid relapse
  • Planning leisure time that allows addicts to relax without drug or alcohol abuse
  • Seeking out and finding support, such as through a friend who regularly checks on the addict

Even though it is not widely used, the CRA module is quite successful and cost effective, especially for alcohol abuse. The main goal of community reinforcement is to help Albuquerque drug addicts change their environments and to provide positive reinforcement for avoiding drug abuse. Some of the other components of community reinforcement include the following factors:

  • Analyzing what triggers someone’s substance abuse or drug cravings
  • Family and marital counseling
  • Drug therapy
  • Prescriptions for alcoholics to take Disulfiram (Antabuse) which causes a severe negative reaction to alcohol immediately upon consumption

The CRA and CRAFT module requires extensive planning and support from others. Unfortunately, many addicts lack adequate support from friends or family members, or they do not want to take the time to plan their recovery process. The use of the CRA and CRAFT module is uncommon among rehab programs, mainly because they more often use 12-step programs. However, some therapists utilize CRA and seek to integrate it into rehab facilities and treatment centers.

Addiction Help for Albuquerque Residents

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