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Alcohol Abuse Rates in European Countries

Alcohol Abuse Rates in European CountriesOne common excuse heavy drinkers in Albuquerque make for their alcohol use is that Europeans have much more lenient alcohol laws and have fewer problems as a result. While it is true that drinking ages are lower in several European countries, it is also true that countries such as Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Ireland have much higher rates of alcohol-related harm than any nations on earth.

Which Countries Drink the Most?

There are several different types of problem drinking that bring about different types of harm. According to reports by the European Union the nation with the highest level of binge drinking is Ireland where as many as 34% of the population report the consumption of more than five drinks in a single session. Binge drinking rates are only slightly lower in Great Britain, Denmark, and Finland and the consequences are stark. An estimated 195,000 Europeans die annually from excessive alcohol consumption. 25% of all deaths of men aged 15-29 is somehow related to drinking. As a whole, over 10% of Europe’s adult population drinks too much.

According to the World Health Organization, the following countries lead the pack when it comes to the per-capita consumption of pure alcohol:

  • Czech Republic (14.97 liters per year)
  • Estonia (13.77 liters per year)
  • Ireland (13.39 liters per year)
  • France (13.30 liters per year)
  • Hungary (12.27 liters per year)

By comparison, the United States ranks 43rd at 8.44 liters per year and residents of many African and Middle-Eastern nations drink far less than one liter per year, if any at all. In general, Europeans drink twice as much as the average alcohol use of citizens of the rest of the world.

Health Risks Associated with Heavy Drinking

It should be no surprise to Albuquerque residents that alongside the heavy alcohol consumption by Europeans is a long list of corresponding social and health problems. European countries have the highest of all of the following alcohol-related consequences:

  • Drunk driving rates
  • Death from alcohol overdose
  • Liver disease
  • Cancers and other chronic diseases
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome

Health professionals and government leaders are greatly concerned about the drinking patterns throughout Europe and are studying the impact that marketing, prices, distribution restrictions, and drinking ages may have in curtailing this epidemic.

Concerns for American Drinkers

While the statistics point to long-term problems for Europeans who drink too much and those affected by their drinking, Americans are not far behind. The correlations seen between European alcohol abuse and corresponding problems certainly apply to millions of Americans as well. The incredible amounts of money spent on marketing alcohol continue to increase year after year throughout the US. From major sporting events to product placements in films and television shows alcohol is a nearly ubiquitous aspect of American life. From college binge-drinking and the late-night club scene to a round of beers after work, Albuquerque residents should note that excessive alcohol use is directly connected to addiction, organ failure, drunk driving, irresponsible behavior, and crime.

Addiction Recovery Help

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