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Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery Failure

Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery FailureAfter Albuquerque residents receive addiction treatment, they have new skills, knowledge and tools to help them maintain recovery. However, the lifelong journey of maintaining recovery has just begun. Here are some useful tips to help recovering addicts avoid relapse and maintain recovery.

How to Succeed in Addiction Recovery

If you want to avoid relapse, take the following actions:

  • Feel – it is very important that you do not withhold your feelings from yourself. Do not allow denial, rationalization or justification to enter your life, because these feelings support addiction. It is also important to share your feelings with others who support recovery. These conversations will give you a good perspective and may relieve some anxiety about your struggle. These conversations will ensure that you continue to reach out as Albuquerque residents need to stay involved.
  • Act – be sure that you keep yourself busy between work, school, social activities, hobbies, relaxation activities and good health and fitness practices. Maintain balance in your life, but avoid a lot of down time during which you could get bored. Feeling like you are not contributing can lead to have negative feelings, and it is important to keep your esteem and confidence high.
  • Avoid – Albuquerque residents need to avoid anything that challenges recovery. This may include people, locations or even memories that were associated with your addiction. While many people think they can maintain relationships with friends that use drugs, this is a tremendous risk that often leads people away from recovery.

You can maintain recovery if you take the proper steps. Here are some additional tips to foster sobriety:

  • Focus – have your recovery at the forefront of your thinking and make sure that your thoughts and behaviors support recovery. Albuquerque residents should focus on recovery one day at a time; when things get tough, focus on recovery one hour or even minute at a time. Do not lose sight of the most important thing you can do for yourself; stay in recovery.
  • Follow through –take advantage of counseling services and support groups. Professional counselors can help you explore anything that might jeopardize recovery, and they can help you learn healthier ways to deal with these issues. Support groups give you the sense of community that is so important to recovery.
  • Persevere – if you relapse, don’t think of it as a failure. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn to stay vigilant. Learn from this lesson and then pick yourself up. Keep moving forward and be sure to contact your support network to help you through this tough time.

Relapse does not condemn any Albuquerque drug user to a life of addiction. Get help today, regardless of where you are in the recovery journey.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

Counseling for addiction comes in many different types. You may need some help before you enter a treatment center, and you will receive considerable counseling during treatment. At times Albuquerque residents may need counseling after treatment. While recovery is difficult, it is possible and we can help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about recovery. We are here to help.