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Why Is a Low Staffing Ratio at a Rehab Center Important?

Why Is a Low Staffing Ratio at a Rehab Center Important?When individuals seek addiction treatment at a rehabilitation facility, they often want to know that there will be many amenities and effective care to help them in the process of overcoming addiction. However, they may not realize the importance of a low staff-to-patient ratio when searching for a rehab facility. A lower staffing ratio means more nurses and professional staff members are available to attend to the needs of all the patients. Some facilities have high staffing ratios, which can cause less care to be provided less often for the rehab patients. All licensed rehab facilities have required staffing ratios and it is important to find out what that ratio is when choosing a facility. Some of the benefits of lower staffing ratios at rehab facilities include the following:

  • More staff members available to attend to needs
  • Faster Emergency responses
  • More personal and individualized treatment is provided
  • Shorter waiting times to see doctors
  • Generally shorter treatment phase
  • Better overall care is provided

When Albuquerque addicts experience the kind of exceptional care that is more commonly provided at facilities with lower staffing ratios, the chances of their recovery are greater.

How High Staffing Ratios Can Affect Albuquerque Addicts in Rehab

Addiction rehab facilities with high staffing ratios may be unable to provide personalized care, and thus be less successful at treating patients. Treatment programs with high staffing ratios will often experience the following:

  • Lower success rates
  • Higher potential of patients relapsing
  • Higher rates of readmission into treatment
  • Less care provided less often
  • Generalized programs that do not offer personalized experiences
  • Less time with doctors

The amount of staff members available to provide care for rehab patients plays a significant role in whether or not the treatment will be successful. When patients have easy access to staff members they generally feel more comfortable and confident in being able to recover from their addiction. Having a large staff can also allow a recovering addict to feel supported and encouraged by various staff members. Not having enough staff members can sometimes leave patients feeling alone and forgotten, which can be stressful. When a recovering addict feels forgotten or improperly cared for it can cause unnecessary stress that can lead to a potential relapse. Albuquerque residents seeking an addiction rehabilitation facility should take into account the importance of staffing ratios on effective recovery.

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