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Free Alcohol Rehab

Free alcohol rehabFinancial concerns often rank high among cited reasons for lack of alcoholism treatment for those battling alcohol addiction in Albuquerque. While 12-step programs offer free alcoholism recovery support, many individuals require higher levels of care — particularly those available in inpatient treatment programs for alcoholism. However, through the use of insurance coverage, rehabilitation programs with sliding scale fees, private loans and payment financing, low-cost or free alcohol treatment can often be obtained.

Weighing the Cost of Alcoholism Treatment

For many, the time spent trapped in alcoholism signifies a financial breakdown along with the dissolution of relationships, the breaking of healthy social ties and the decline of physical and mental health. In approaching alcoholism recovery, financial strains may feel tighter than they have ever been in years prior. For many, the lowest cost alcoholism treatment signifies the best option. However, the cost of alcoholism treatment needs to first be weighed against the long-term costs of alcoholism relapse.

For some individuals, outpatient solutions pose a viable option for recovery — and often one with a price tag thousands of dollars lower than inpatient care. However, the effectiveness of outpatient alcoholism recovery solutions generally pales in comparison to those of inpatient programs where patients can achieve sobriety in a dedicated, supervised environment. Additionally, the added cost of necessary alcohol detoxification services prior to outpatient alcohol treatment should be accounted for as well, as these are often billed separately and not provided by most outpatient programs.

Low-Cost or Free Treatment Through Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage can help make most inpatient alcohol rehab programs affordable, or even nearly free for some. Additionally, many of the services — such as psychological counseling — provided in inpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs falls under outlying coverage within many insurance policies. This allows for supplemental services, such as medication, therapy and even alternative medicine treatments to be offered to the patient at low or no cost through prescription, holistic and preventative medicine portions of coverage.

Locating Alcoholism Treatment from Albuquerque

For those Albuquerque residents with financial concerns about rehab services,  we offer trained addiction counselors that can help you put together a financial picture that makes sense for you, while obtaining the alcoholism rehabilitation you need. We invite you to call our toll-free number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for assistance with obtaining alcoholism treatment for yourself or a loved one in Albuquerque struggling against addiction. Our specialists have access to enrollment capacity and financial plans of some of the most successful alcohol rehabilitation programs in the nation and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the alcohol rehabilitation process.