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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Evidence of the alcoholism epidemic is apparent throughout the Albuquerque, New Mexico metropolitan area. According to the US Department of Transportation, New Mexico’s alcohol-related vehicular fatalities rose by more than seven percent in 2009 alone, despite the fact that such incidents lowered throughout the nation by more than eight percent in the same year.  In fact, New Mexico experiences a rate of alcohol-related collisions that is more than 60 percent higher than the national average – and 70 to 80 percent higher than those of neighboring states of Arizona and Colorado.

Alcohol Detoxification in New Mexico

For many individuals struggling against alcoholism in New Mexico, physical detoxification is necessary. When individuals – across Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico – have become ready to seek treatment for alcoholism, the body begins to adjust to the sudden absence of alcohol during detoxification. While each individual is different, the length of the alcohol detoxification process and the severity of ensuing withdrawal symptoms that occur generally correlate to the level of alcohol intake and the length of time that heavy drinking patterns have endured. Attempts to detoxify by oneself – particularly using “cold turkey” methods – can lead to an array of physical and mental consequences, including the persisting desire to drink.

Alcohol Cravings During the Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Process

By receiving treatment for cravings at an inpatient alcohol treatment program, Albuquerque residents can experience a safe and comfortable transition into alcohol-free health. This detoxification process – often referred to as “medically supervised detox” – lays the foundation for the psychological work involved in alcoholism recovery, as the individual overcomes the physical dependence on alcohol.

Medically supervised detox is essential for those attempting to overcome alcoholism, largely because of the physical risks involved in the alcohol withdrawal process, including nausea, vomiting, severe dehydration and death in some cases. The alcohol withdrawal process also can create a host of psychological symptoms that can be harrowing, from depression and anxiety to paranoia, delusions, hallucinations or even suicidal ideation. The combination of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms often makes attempts at sobriety challenging for patients, necessitating trained medical and mental health professionals to guide patients through the detoxification process. Inpatient alcohol treatment facilities can mitigate the vast majority of withdrawal symptoms through carefully calibrated medications, counseling and compassionate supervision.

Alcohol Detoxification and Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Beyond Albuquerque

If you or someone you know in Albuquerque suffers from alcoholism, inpatient treatment centers exist throughout the country can help facilitate the return to sobriety. Our alcoholism support counselors can align you with an inpatient treatment center geared at helping Albuquerque, New Mexico residents make successful recoveries from alcoholism. We offer a 24-hour helpline for those struggling against alcohol addiction and their loved ones, with trained addiction recovery counselors waiting to take your call.