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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab The Albuquerque, New Mexico alcohol addiction industry has long since found itself overtaxed by increasing demand for treatment of alcoholism. In fact, estimates suggest that nearly 150,000 residents of New Mexico struggle against alcohol addiction, with nearly 14,000 of those beginning to drink before adulthood. Additionally, Albuquerque’s issues with alcohol dependency have early inceptions, with just under 50,000 of individuals who meet the criteria for alcohol dependence in New Mexico being young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. Binge drinking rates (the imbibing of more than four or five drinks in a single sitting) also have climbed in New Mexico, with the state seeing more than 350,000 residents engage in binge drinking behaviors each month.

Types of Alcoholism Treatment for Albuquerque, New Mexico Residents

For those seeking alcohol treatment through nationwide rehab centers, two main options exist. Outpatient alcohol recovery solutions provide alcohol treatment close to home, with alcohol testing capabilities, addiction education and counseling, and 12-step meeting attendance. Inpatient alcohol recovery treatment programs offer more intensive lines of rehabilitation, beginning with on-site alcohol detoxification and covering a range of therapies from psychological counseling, life skills building, anger and stress management training and the teaching of sober living skills.

Effectiveness of Outpatient Alcohol Recovery

For those who have already undergone alcohol detoxification and can stay committed to their outpatient alcohol rehab program, outpatient alcohol recovery programs can help them achieve long-term sobriety. However, studies in the addiction treatment area have found that inpatient alcohol rehabilitation – also known as residential treatment programs – garner higher recovery rates than outpatient solutions alone. Among inpatient alcoholism treatment programs, the combination of both group counseling with individualized therapies achieves the highest results.

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Solutions

In deciding which form of alcoholism treatment is appropriate for them, Albuquerque residents may want to consider the advantages to inpatient alcohol recovery solutions. In general, outpatient alcoholism treatment is best suited to those who have alcohol dependency issues that are less severe in both duration and intake levels. Additionally, outpatient solutions offer the ability to continue working during treatment and may pose a more manageable situation for those able to provide their own child care during recovery. However, there are many services that inpatient alcohol recovery solutions are simply better able to provide to patients than outpatient care programs can.

  • Individualized Alcohol Recovery for Albuquerque Residents
    Because outpatient programs treat so many individuals in a short window of time, many tend to offer templatic solutions to alcoholism recovery. With an emphasis on group counseling, 12-step meetings and educational briefings, outpatient alcoholism treatment programs tend to be shorter-term and less hour-intensive. On the other hand, inpatient alcohol recovery centers provide patients with customizable treatment, including Dual Diagnosis capacity for those with extenuating mental health disorders.
  • Increased Supervision During Alcoholism Treatment
    Supervised environments tend to achieve greater long-term sobriety as alcoholics learn how to function once again without alcohol. In outpatient care, the environment patients are subject to is largely unsupervised, managed only by periodic urine testing. Inpatient alcohol recovery solutions offer a sober environment that is alcohol-free, with peer support from those who are likewise committed to sober living.
  • Trigger Management for Alcoholism During Recovery
    For many Albuquerque residents, outpatient solutions provide no reprieve from social influences, work pressures and home situations that may ignite the urge to drink. Inpatient solutions provide the ability to dedicate oneself to alcohol recovery without temptation present. Patients are then taught trigger management skills, to allow them to better cope with life challenges sober upon their return to Albuquerque.