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Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

Since alcoholism has been officially classified as a disease, it does take a measure of medical care to cure it. Even after undergoing therapy at private alcohol rehab centers, patients enter recovery – a life-long process of remaining sober and sustaining a healthy lifestyle as they embark on sobriety. Private alcohol rehab centers emphasize nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, trauma resolution and stress management as alcoholic individuals begin their journey into sobriety, to better prepare them for an alcohol-free life.

Costs of Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

The majority of private alcohol rehab centers cost more than county rehabilitation programs generally do, largely due to their residential nature. Additionally, many leading private alcohol rehab centers across the country employ experts in a wide variety of fields, from clinical therapists and medical staff to nutritionists and aftercare planning specialists. Services can include family counseling, individualized counseling, group excursions, self-esteem building exercises, guided meditations and even alternative medicine treatments. Due to such amenities, private alcohol treatment centers tend to carry higher price tags – though much of the cost can be footed by insurance coverage.

Advantages to Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

Private alcohol rehab centers offer patients distinct advantages over outpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs. For instance, with more therapists and medical staff members, patients receive a higher level of attention, particularly for those places with limited enrollment. Facilities tend to be more comfortable, scenic and secluded as well, providing confidential treatment in a non-public atmosphere. Models of therapy also tend to be more holistic in nature, offering a comprehensive care level that allows for successful treatment of both psychological and physical addiction. On-site alcohol detoxification facilities also allow for supervised, seamless transitions between physical detox and therapeutic work.

Success Rates of Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

On a final note, the success rates of private alcohol rehab centers tend to be higher than those of outpatient alcohol treatment programs alone. Recovery rates for alcohol treatment can range anywhere from 55 percent to as high as 85 percent, in favor of successful rehabilitation. The ability to leave behind drinking associates and life pressures at private alcohol rehab centers also lends itself to recovery – one reason why some recovering individuals seek out-of-state private alcohol treatment over local Albuquerque rehab centers.

Finding Private Alcohol Rehab Centers

If you or a loved one has struggled against alcohol addiction, our confidential counselors invite you to call and learn about private alcohol rehab centers that may match your needs. Our toll-free number is available 24/7 and our addiction referral specialists would count it a privilege to hear your story and answer any questions you might have.