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Albuquerque Holistic Drug Rehab

Albuquerque Holistic Drug RehabWith its rich landscape and Native American spiritual roots, New Mexico has long acknowledged natural modes of healing. In approaching the rampant availability of – and ensuing addiction to – drugs the state has experienced, many New Mexico residents have come to seek out modes of recovery that take a similar natural and integrated approach. Holistic drug addiction treatment centers across the country can offer Albuquerque residents safe and natural ways to rebuild the body and strengthen the spirit during the course of drug rehabilitation.

Advantages of Holistic Drug Rehabilitation for Albuquerque Residents

Holistic drug rehabilitation programs center around the country offer a comprehensive viewpoint of recovery. Additionally, holistic drug rehab centers also acknowledge the mental and spiritual sides of recovery, allowing all parts of the individual to heal simultaneously. As a result, Albuquerque residents may choose to enroll in holistic drug rehabilitation programs, due to the distinct advantages they provide patients.

  • Natural Drug Detoxification
    Using natural methods in lieu of high amounts of unnecessary medications, drug detoxification is achieved in the least invasive way possible at holistic drug rehabilitation centers. Albuquerque residents can detoxify naturally, while qualified medical staff member work to mitigate withdrawal symptoms for a comfortable transition from chemical dependency.
  • Nutritional Emphasis
    Over the course of drug addiction, the body quickly can become deficient in several key ways. From the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain affecting behavior, mood, memory and cognition to nutritional deficiencies that can affect bodily systems and organs, malnutrition is often a hallmark of prolonged drug addiction. Holistic drug treatment programs often offer nutritional assessment, diagnostic testing and dietary guidance, as well as the incorporation of natural remedies, herbal supplements and nutritional aids. Many such nutritional regimes offered during inpatient drug rehab programs aid focus, help achieve mood stabilization, promote circulation and aid bodily healing.
  • Alternative Medicine Treatments and Fitness Programs
    In addition to traditional medical supervision and attention, holistic drug rehabilitation centers can offer Albuquerque residents non-mainstream ways to promote health and bodily harmony. Such services can include acupuncture, massage, yoga instruction and ancient practices such as qi gong or tai chi. Additionally, many holistic rehabilitation centers emphasize fitness programs, with an aim at leveraging the body’s natural endorphins released through exercise.
  • Mental Health Modalities
    Often at the root of drug addiction lies depression, anxiety or other mental health issues brought on by chemical imbalances or psychological trauma. In addition to individualized and group therapy sessions, many holistic drug rehab centers will offer additional forms of mental health treatment. In some cases, therapies such as EMDR or hypnotherapy may be offered where traumatic involvement has become apparent, while other patients may benefit from anger and stress management, art therapy or visualization and meditation workshops.