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Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?

Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?Many Albuquerque residents with a drug problem try to quit on their own. Depending on the length of time someone has been using drugs, and the specific drug or drugs being used, trying to quit alone can not only fail but can even be dangerous to attempt. Some may manage to make it through the withdrawal symptoms as their body detoxes. But, waiting on the other side of that experience is a psychological addiction that is almost always impossible to conquer without professional help.

How Psychological Addiction Works in Albuquerque Residents

Many Albuquerque residents who attempt to quit taking drugs on their own will fail. This failure may become a source of shame. Their minds, radically reshaped by the psychological underpinnings of the disease of addiction, may spin their failure into destructive thoughts such as the following:

  • I didn’t really want to quit anyway. I will when I’m ready.
  • Drugs really aren’t that dangerous if you know what you’re doing.
  • I don’t want to make my friends feel weird.
  • This just isn’t the right time for me to quit. I have too much going on right now.
  • Quitting is impossible. I’m just doomed.

These thoughts are a direct result of the psychological elements of addiction. The brain craves the physical and mental relief that drugs offered and will use every tool at its disposal to maintain it. These thoughts and cravings actually function in the brain on a deeper level than rational thought or willpower. Thus without unraveling this aspect of the disease long-term recovery is basically impossible for Albuquerque addicts.

How Albuquerque Residents Can Beat Psychological Addiction

The only way to find freedom from your mind’s obsession with drugs is to rehabilitate it from the mental or emotional effects of addiction. This requires time and techniques perfected by addiction recovery experts. Rehab professionals first perform a detailed diagnosis of all aspects of your addiction including diagnosing any co-occurring or underlying conditions that may be complicating recovery. Next they create a customized treatment plan that may include therapeutic options such as the following:

  • Relaxing, comfortable and healthy environments for recovery
  • Empowering education to help you understand the disease and how to manage it
  • Support group meetings
  • Personal counseling
  • Learning healthy new hobbies, recreational activities and coping mechanisms

The most effective programs approach drug addiction as a disease and treat an Albuquerque addict’s body, mind and spirit. This level of care and expertise is just not available on your own.

Drug Addiction Help for Albuquerque Residents

If you live in Albuquerque and have been trying to get clean from drugs on your own; stop. Not only are you likely to fail, but you may actually make things worse. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline and speak with one of our addiction experts. We can answer all of your questions and get you connected with the best treatment facility for your unique situation. We can even help confirm your insurance coverage. The call is free and confidential. What are you waiting for? You need someone in your corner. We’re ready to help. Call today.