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Family Dynamics and Addiction

Family Dynamics and AddictionWhen one person is struggling with addiction it often affects all family members, especially when the addict is still living with family. Before the addiction sets in there are certain family dynamics that may have significantly contributed to the beginning of the drug use. Some common contributors to initial drug use among a family member include the following dynamics:

  • An adolescent with an overbearing mother who spoils and favors his or her other siblings is more likely to abuse drugs and develop an addiction.
  • An adolescent with a father who drinks alcohol heavily at times and is seen visibly drunk puts the adolescent at greater risk of also abusing alcohol.
  • Children with parents who have overly strict rules and guidelines are more likely to rebel and use drugs or alcohol.
  • A dysfunctional or hostile family environment can lead individuals to abuse drugs in order to cope with stress.

Albuquerque families with drug addicted loved ones should be aware of the way the family system may have triggered the addiction.

How Dysfunction Contributes to Addiction in Albuquerque Families

When a family member develops an addiction there are also many factors that can unintentionally promote the addiction and prolong the disease. Some common contributors that can prolong a family member’s addiction include the following:

  • Parents allowing an addicted young adult to come and go from the house as he or she pleases
  • Giving money to an addict to pay bills or other expenses when it is actually used to buy more drugs
  • Not setting any boundaries, rules or consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • Trying to fix an addicted family member’s problem without professional help
  • Finding the addicted family member’s drugs and getting rid of them to try and solve the problem of addiction
  • Getting in verbal and physical confrontations

These common contributing factors prolong a family member’s drug or alcohol addiction by preventing an addict from getting necessary professional treatment and successfully recovering. An intervention held by a professional interventionist may help an addicted family member in Albuquerque to accept treatment and recover from his or her addiction. An interventionist can also provide education to the family on how to stop contributing to and prolonging the addiction by setting strict guidelines backed by serious consequences.

How to Help Your Addicted Loved One in Albuquerque

Overcoming addiction and building a successful recovery can be difficult with a highly dysfunctional family. Consider the following when trying to recover from addiction and overcome negative family dynamics:

  • Get professional help in the form of individual and family therapy
  • Do not ignore personal feelings, instead identify and express them calmly
  • Focus on self-care and getting healthy before caring for others
  • Begin to seek change and reconciliation within family relationships
  • Get involved with support groups that can offer advice for dealing with negative family dynamics

Addiction is a family disease that negatively affects all members. Seeking professional treatment that can offer education about addiction to all family members will provide the best recovery results.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Addiction?

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