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Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

Finding Spirituality during Addiction RecoveryMany addiction treatment programs have strong spiritual influences. Four of the steps in 12-step programs specifically use the word “God.” Prior to the creation of other treatment programs, many addicts avoided treatment because they were unsure about working with such spirituality. Some people may have thought they could not find recovery because they lacked a religious background, believed religion was controlling or they did not believe in a supreme being.

Addiction treatment requires a strong commitment from recovering addicts; Albuquerque drug addicts must believe they can recover and then work to achieve that goal. To incorporate spirituality into this, addicts must find a treatment method that suits their specific beliefs.

Spirituality and Religion

People are becoming increasingly aware that spirituality and religion are separate ideas. Many Albuquerque residents connect their spirituality with an organized religion, but others do not seek a religion for their spiritual lives. As people learn more about religion and other paths of spirituality, they may be more receptive to spirituality that nurtures a person’s wellbeing.

Many people associate spirituality with strengthening their morals. They want to connect their beliefs and behaviors to morality; Albuquerque residents may want to learn to govern themselves and treat others well, so they seek ways to do that even through addiction recovery. Through this spiritual journey, people gain the following benefits:

  • A better perspective of life
  • A connection to how they want to be treated and how they treat others
  • Realizing that they lack control over what happens to them, but over how to respond to events
  • A desire to respect themselves and others
  • Acknowledging their weaknesses
  • The strength to seek help when needed
  • The ability to discover unique gifts and talents
  • The ability to forgive wrongdoers and to seek forgiveness for your wrongs

Some people seek these benefits through a structured religious setting, while others find them through an intimate, personal journey.

Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

There are many addiction treatment programs with strong religious influences, but many other treatment centers that do not involve religion. When selecting an addiction treatment program that makes most sense for you, consider whether you believe a structured religious orientation is important to you.

Addiction treatment programs are in the business of providing many services to Albuquerque drug addicts. From education, counseling, healthcare services, daily life skills and ongoing support, the tools in rehab equip addicts to get and stay sober.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

If you need help finding addiction recovery resources that support your spiritual growth, then please call our toll-free number any time. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have and to provide information about rehab centers. Albuquerque residents can recover if they have the right help, so reach out to us right now.