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How Does a Parent’s Addiction Affect Children?

How Does a Parent's Addiction Affect Children?When Albuquerque residents develop a drug addiction, others will suffer. This is true no matter how alone the addict thinks he is. However, if the addict is a parent then he cannot deny the effects of his habit on his children. Parental addiction devastates children and obstructs trust for years.

Effects of a Parent’s Addiction

Parental addiction affects children of all ages, especially in the following ways:

  • Expecting mothers who abuse drugs can cause birth defects in their unborn children and withdrawal symptoms at birth
  • Infants ingest the drug their mothers abuse through breast milk
  • Toddlers and young children are keenly aware of the emotional distance and volatility created in their parents, causing them to feel unsafe and hindering healthy relationships
  • Preteens and teens cannot rely on addicted parents for guidance as they transition to adulthood, and they may become angry with their parents for not being supportive
  • Albuquerque adult children may experience resentment, disdain and hurt that their parents were left so helpless by addiction
  • Children of any age are in physical danger if the drug makes the user violent
  • Children of addicted parents are more likely than others to try drugs, partly to ease their own stress and because they know no other way to live

Rather than feeling safe and loved at home, children of drug addicts live in fear and hopelessness that drug abuse will dominate their family forever.

What Addicted Parents Can Do

When an Albuquerque is ready to quit, she must tell her children after recovery arrangements have been made. The children have likely heard many broken promises and do not have the trust to hear more; but if a plan has been set in motion, the children may still be able to hope. It would be best if the parent could leave her children with a non-addicted spouse or family member while she completes rehab. She should not attempt to console the children with money or gifts, as this will feel like bribery and lead them to expect such a thing after every relapse. Instead, she should explain that relapse is indeed probable, but if she keeps her resolve and follows the therapists’ instructions, relapse should progressively decrease.

How Children Can Help Albuquerque Parents Recover from Addiction

Older children who comprehend the situation should talk to a trustworthy adult, such as a family member or church leader who knows the family, and explain what they think is happening. If the child has no one to talk to, calling a recovery helpline might be advisable. Being toll free and confidential, these calls can help children learn what to do to help the parent.

Albuquerque Addiction Recovery

If you are an Albuquerque parent who wishes to recover from addiction, or a child of an addict who wants to help, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Our experienced counselors can give you all the guidance you need to find recovery treatment. Call today and let us help.