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How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Abuse

How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Abuse Families can have a positive or a negative influence on drug and alcohol abuse. A family history of addiction may genetically predispose an individual to addiction. What a person learns from those around him or her in Albuquerque greatly impacts substance abuse. Family members can be a part of the solution for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, or part of the problem.

Family History of Addiction in Albuquerque

The influence of a family history of addiction can be one of the strongest obstacles to overcome when trying to become clean and sober. Even stories about grandparents and great grandparents can influence a person’s decisions about using drugs and alcohol. If someone who was addicted to drugs is regarded as the family comic or the life of the party, the person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction may think there’s nothing to worry about or that they need to uphold that image. If a family member’s struggle with addiction is kept secret or downplayed s, it can send an inappropriate message and potentially reinforce the negative behavior. Talking about addiction openly, both past and present, and facing it together as a family through rehab and counseling is the best way to break the cycle of addiction in Albuquerque.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse within Families

Although genetics and family history play a role in whether or not someone abuses drugs or alcohol, the current environment in which they live may play an even larger part. Having alcohol in the home, watching parents or sibling use regularly or seeing family members become intoxicated without consequences all send the wrong message to someone struggling with addiction. In such cases it’s important that everyone who lives in the house understands and commits to helping their loved one become clean and sober. Even though some family members may be able to control their alcohol use, others may not. Families may also share a tendency toward other addictive behaviors and struggle with addiction to prescription or illegal drugs. Whatever the addiction, it’s important that families recognize there is a problem and be willing to do whatever it takes to help an addicted loved one.

Enabling Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Those who do not use substances within families are not free from the responsibility of helping an addicted loved one. Many family members enable the addiction without even realizing it. Making excuses for an addicted loved one, handling his responsibilities and not requiring accountability are all ways to enable addiction. Giving too many chances, not setting boundaries and denying there is a problem also enables the addict to continue using. Confronting a loved one as a family or with the help of a trained interventionist is difficult, but it can be the key to getting him the help he needs.

Help for Albuquerque Residents Struggling with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Families who have a history of drug and alcohol abuse may not always make the best choices when it comes to helping an addicted loved one. Understanding the family’s role in ending addiction, or enabling it, can determine the success or failure of rehab. If you or a family member struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak to a helpline counselor. Let us help you find the right treatment program for yourself and your family.