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How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a Relapse

How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a RelapseNatural disasters are horrific events that can cause lasting consequences for its victims and bystanders in Albuquerque. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis are examples of natural disasters that can unexpectedly change someone’s life. Natural disasters are considered traumatic experiences, and for some, coping with trauma is overwhelming, which can trigger substance abuse, addiction and relapse for those in addiction recovery in Albuquerque.

Effects of Natural Disasters on Addiction and Addiction Recovery

A natural disaster can cause numerous effects including post-traumatic stress disorder. Flashbacks, painful memories, nightmares, anxiety, detachment and intense feelings of grief, anger, fear, guilt, or sadness are all common effects seen in those affected by natural disasters and other traumas in Albuquerque. In addition, stress, chaos and other situational problems can make it difficult to cope with the effects of a natural disaster. Individuals may lose their homes, pets and family members and may suffer great financial loss. Recovering from a natural disaster takes time, and for some, recovery does not come without help.

All of these factors make natural disasters and trauma related to natural disasters a serious trigger for substance abuse, addiction and relapse for those in recovery. All the stress and painful emotions caused by trauma can influence individuals to seek out drugs or alcohol to numb their pain in Albuquerque. A drug-induced state can temporarily help the individual escape from all the issues he or she cannot deal with on his or her own. Victims of natural disasters and trauma often detach themselves from others, minimizing other outlets for healthy coping. With limited support and relationships, these individuals are likely to turn to drugs or alcohol.

Avoiding Addiction and Relapse after a Natural Disaster

For individuals in addiction recovery, a natural disaster can trigger a relapse because it disturbs one’s life in Albuquerque. Stress, chaos, anxiety and other overwhelming emotions caused by a natural disaster can influence poor decision making, and for individuals who have struggled with addiction in the past, it is likely that drugs or alcohol will once again be their choice of coping mechanism. To avoid a relapse, recovering addicts should immediately seek the help of recovery professionals after experiencing a natural disaster or trauma in Albuquerque. A natural disaster should be recognized as a major trigger for addiction relapse, and being proactive can help one avoid destroying their sobriety.

Overcoming trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction is nearly impossible without help. However, when recovery professionals identify the underlying issues of trauma, they will be able to provide the appropriate treatment to address the root cause of self-destructive and addictive behaviors. Counseling, therapy, peer groups and other treatment opportunities are effective in helping both first-time addicts and those in recovery overcoming natural disasters and other traumatic experiences in Albuquerque.

Find Recovery Help After a Relapse

If you or a loved one needs help getting back to sobriety after a relapse, we can help. Relapse does not mean you have failed your recovery, and with a little help, you can get back where you belong in Albuquerque. To learn more about finding recovery help after a relapse, call our toll-free number now where you will speak with one of our recovery professionals. We are here 24 hours a day to assist you with all your needs, answer questions and provide you with services to help you get back on track with your recovery. Whatever issues you are faced with, you can overcome them and we can help. Call for help today.