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How to Respond to Your Loved One’s Drug Use

How to Respond to Your Loved One's Drug UseResponding to your loved one’s drug use is difficult. Your reactions to addiction may vary from shock and disbelief to enabling, avoidance or frustration. Responding properly to addiction can help your friend or family member in Albuquerque ultimately win the fight against drug abuse.

Early Responses to Drug Abuse in Albuquerque

When you find that your loved one is abusing drugs, your first response will be a combination of shock, disbelief and fear. Each of these emotions is appropriate and understandable. No one plans to find their loved one addicted to drugs, so there are no planned responses. Once you make the discovery, the best thing to do is get professional advice. Doctors, recovery therapists and helpline counselors will provide calm, stable and experienced advice. Develop a plan of response that involves getting help and support for yourself as well.

Finding the Right Help for Your Addicted Loved One in Albuquerque

After finding support for yourself and information and advice about the next steps to take, you can begin to find help for your loved one in Albuquerque. Knowing and understanding your options will help you be ready to step in with a plan. Avoid enabling your loved one during the planning stages of recovery but ensure that he or she knows you fully support his or her recovery.

Taking Care of Yourself While Responding to a Loved One’s Drug Use

Continuing in counseling, staying connected with healthy friends and family members and taking care of your health are all important ways of caring for yourself. Dealing with an addict in your life or home is stressful and difficult. If you don’t take time to care for your own needs, you and other members of the family will suffer. You cannot fully support your addicted friend or family member, if you are not healthy and stable.

You will need to ask for outside help. This is the best way to help yourself, your loved ones and your addicted friend or family member. Enlisting the services of a trained interventionist will give you the tools you need to get your loved one into the right treatment program. An interventionist specializes in planning and carrying out an intervention, finding a treatment program and getting your loved one into rehab. Once in rehab a team of professionals will be available to help your loved one and to include you in family and group counseling sessions and to provide information and support for both you and the recovering Albuquerque resident.

Help Dealing with Drug Addiction in Albuquerque

If you have a family member or friend that is dealing with drug addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free helpline for answers to your questions and access to professional help, support and advice.