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OxyContin Addiction Rehab

OxyContin Addiction RehabOxyContin is one of the most powerful narcotics available on the market today, and its pain relieving strength is nearly comparable to that of morphine. While OxyContin is effective at pain management, OxyContin addiction rates in Albuquerque are growing, and there is concern about the number of deaths related to OxyContin overdose.

OxyContin is a Schedule II drug, and it shares this classification with drugs such cocaine and methamphetamine. OxyContin is sometimes referred to as a gateway to heroin, because it often leads to users experimenting with stronger illegal drugs. The percentage of Albuquerque residents addicted to or abusing OxyContin shows little sign of declining, and many people have become concerned about this supposedly safe drug.

The Danger of an OxyContin Addiction in Albuquerque

If used properly OxyContin can safely relieve pain. However medical use can still lead to addiction. When a user’s body becomes tolerant of the drug, he or she may begin to increase dosage to maintain the effects of OxyContin. Each increase in dosage moves users closer to dependence and addiction. When addicted, users are no longer taking the drug of their own accord but are using as the result of impulse and cravings. OxyContin addiction may also begin with the illicit abuse of the drug. Recreational users take OxyContin for the high it produces. The origins of OxyContin addiction do not change the dangers of addiction, as any user is at risk for serious side effects and overdose.

Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

If an Albuquerque resident wishes to recover from OxyContin addiction, he or she has a variety of options available. Recovering users may choose to receive treatment through a hospital. The type of addiction rehab offered at a hospital is very basic, but it is often free and can help users take the first step towards wellness. This first step is detox, and as the body flushes OxyContin from its system, recovering users may experience withdrawal symptoms. If detox and withdrawal is not properly supervised, a person may return to OxyContin or suffer physically and emotionally. Hospitals can provide this supervision, but addiction recovery treatment is not offered afterwards. This treatment is necessary for long-term recovery success.

Outpatient treatment allows OxyContin users to recovery while living at home. Individuals visit a rehab facility a few times a week for counseling and therapy sessions. While this allows Albuquerque residents to continue living their lives uninterrupted, it does not provide separation from life, habits and routines associated with drug use. There is also limited supervision and accountability available from an outpatient program. The best type of treatment for OxyContin addiction is inpatient treatment that requires patients to remain at a facility while receiving care and constant medical supervision. Inpatient treatment followed by aftercare provides the best help for addiction recovery.

OxyContin Addiction Help Is Here for Albuquerque Residents

If you live in or near Albuquerque, call our toll-free helpline for help with OxyContin abuse or addiction. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the recovery solutions you need. We want to help you succeed in recovery. Please call now.