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Staying Clean from Drugs

Staying Clean from DrugsExperiencing a relapse can be devastating. Many Albuquerque residents experience a cycle of addiction, sobriety and repeated relapse without knowing why, and this can lead to frustration or a sense of hopelessness. However it is possible to get clean and stay clean, if you have a good start, continue treatment and have a support system.

Choose the Right Addiction Rehabilitation Program to Stay Clean from Drugs

The best place for Albuquerque residents to start preventing relapse is in rehab. Finding the right treatment for you can personalize your rehab experience and target the source of addiction. If you are a victim of abuse, you should include therapies that address trauma. If you have a co-occurring mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, you need custom treatment centered on the simultaneous healing of both addiction and mental health problems. There are programs designed for women, teens and other particular demographics. Find the programs that match your needs to get the most out of addiction rehab. Completing treatment improves your chances of staying clean. Staying in rehab and actively participating in your recovery will help the lessons you learn stick so that you can apply them in Albuquerque after rehab.

Participate in Aftercare to Stay Clean from Drugs

Choose a rehab facility that will give you the opportunity to continue treatment after primary care. Aftercare is any treatment received after primary rehab, and it can continue as long as you wish. There are different types of aftercare programs available to Albuquerque residents, and each has slightly different function. Programs may include the following:

  • A work exchange program involving more time in rehab but with greater responsibility
  • A sober living or half-way house that acts a small step towards real life in Albuquerque
  • Periodic outpatient treatments that can keep you on the right track while still allowing you the freedom to return home
  • 12-step programs that provide group support

Any form of aftercare treatment aims to prevent relapse and keep recovering individuals clean.

Albuquerque Residents Can Stay Clean from Drugs

You are not alone before, during or after addiction recovery treatment. You can continue to meet with a support group even after primary treatment ends. Membership with a national support group like AA or NA can offer organized and structured support. Keep in touch with the people you have connected with in rehab, so you will always have someone to talk to when you feel the need to start using again. Family, friends and loved ones can be an invaluable support system. Have someone’s phone number handy for whenever you need to talk. The following are tips that can help you stay clean during everyday life in Albuquerque:

  • Keep busy
  • Stay healthy by eating right and exercising
  • Avoid relapse triggers
  • Stay away from social circles that encourage or enable drug use
  • Keep in touch with your support system
  • Work on improving relationships with loved ones
  • Apply what you have learned from rehab
  • If you feel the need to begin using again, contact a support group member, a loved one or a helpline counselor
  • If you slip up, don’t get discouraged

Get Help to Get Clean and Stay Clean

We want to help you overcome addiction and avoid relapse triggers. Call our toll-free helpline and talk with a recovery counselor who can help you or a loved find the resources needed to end drug use or stay clean from drugs. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call any time.