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What Enabling an Addict Looks Like

What Enabling an Addict Looks LikeEnabling behaviors can be extremely difficult to avoid, especially when an Albuquerque loved one struggles with addiction. Supporting a loved one through addiction can be confusing, as many actions required of you may lead you to think you are not being supportive at all. However, distinguishing the difference between supporting and enabling a loved one can help you support the addict and not the addiction.

What Enables an Albuquerque Drug Addict?

Enabling an addict would include actions such as these:

  • Consistently providing excuses to cover up her addiction. For example, saying that she “isn’t always like this,” making excuses for her drug abuse, etc.
  • Financially supporting drug use, bills, living expenses, etc. This can be extremely counterproductive. For instance, a mother whose daughter is addicted to drugs may give her child money for drugs so she does not seek alternative and hazardous ways to make money on her own. Also, a friend may enable another by helping him pay bills or rent so he has a place to live and use drugs. While these behaviors seem to protect the user, they shield the addicts from the consequences of addiction, which encourages and enables use.
  • Ignoring the problem. Sweeping the issue of addiction under the rug will enable the user to continue with using. Avoiding the issue is like harboring a time bomb: at any second, all the fear, anger, sadness and rage can explode, causing more damage than if it were talked about initially.

While Albuquerque residents may not realize they enable an addiction, they must analyze their actions to ensure they support and not enable their loved ones.

How to Stop Enabling an Albuquerque Drug Addict

If you recognize enabling behaviors in yourself, you can take any of the following actions to counter that act:

  • Don’t cover for the addict anymore. Stop excusing his behavior. When you make excuses, you tell the user that it is acceptable for him to continue using. Establishing what you will and won’t accept is crucial for an addict’s recovery.
  • Stop financially supporting her. By providing money to buy drugs and live without repercussions will enable Albuquerque drug addicts to keep using. You prevent them from hitting rock bottom, which can alert an addict to get help.
  • Walk away from toxic conversations or arguments. Do not play into the user’s anger, rage or excuses. Build an emotional wall between the arguments and yourself not only to protect yourself, but also to establish boundaries that may push the user towards rehab.
  • Get help. Reach out to a treatment center to learn to deal with an addict. Getting educated on how to help can be crucial to your loved one’s livelihood.

If you enable a user, you hurt not only the addict, but other friends and family members involved. Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is painful enough without supporting the behavior. Your Albuquerque family and friends are crucial in this process, as they will be your main support system. Seek help today for a complicated addiction.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now so we can help you figure out if you are enabling an addict. We want to help you and your loved one find sobriety together. Please don’t wait to call us; our operators are standing by right now.