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What Is a Gateway Drug?

What Is a Gateway Drug?A gateway drug is a substance that opens the doors for other substances to follow. There are a few theories as to how gateway drugs work. Some experts believe that abusing one drug, such as marijuana, primes Albuquerque residents for other drugs in the future. Researches believe long-term use disrupts chemicals in the brain, which makes users more susceptible to other drugs. It’s as if drug abuse trains the brain to other drug when taking one. This example can be used with a number of other gateway drugs.

The second theory that supports gateway drugs is based on the mood-altering side effects. When an Albuquerque user cannot experience pleasure from a less-powerful drug, he may seek a herder drug to feel that high again. The memory of euphoric experiences drives people to dabble into other, sometimes harder drugs. Because they have overcome their original fears of use, these people are more willing to seek a better high. Gateway drugs give people a taste of something they like and encourage users to look for something newer or greater.

Do Gateway Drugs Lead to Serious Drug Problems in Albuquerque Residents?

The most common gateway drugs are alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, and with good reason. Alcohol and tobacco are legal substances, and despite marijuana’s illegality, it is still easily available and even legal in small doses in some locations. While these drugs each hold their own risk factors, they all have addictive potential. Some Albuquerque residents may use any of these substances in regulation, or they use these gateway drugs without ever laying a finger on a harder drug. However many people do not get so lucky.

Because alcohol, tobacco and marijuana are all addictive, the longer a person uses any of these, the more likely it is that he will face serious drug problems or addiction later on. Tolerance, dependence and addiction can evolve swiftly, and when people habitually use drugs, problems arise. A user’s cravings for a drug only grow when physical and psychological dependencies develop, and soon any Albuquerque drug user will feel unnatural, uncomfortable and even in pain when not using. If a user does not get help for a drug habit early on, the results could evolve into serious problems and even multiple hard-drug addictions.

Albuquerque Addiction Help

There is no getting around it—nothing good results from drug abuse. Drug addiction is powerful and aggressive: the longer Albuquerque residents use drugs, the more vulnerable they are to addiction. If you would like help for drug abuse, we can help before the issue worsens anymore. Please call our toll-free helpline now to speak directly to a trained addiction counselor. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to listen to your concerns and discuss all of your recovery options. Whether you are looking for information on drug abuse, addiction and treatment, or if you are ready to start recovery, we can help. Your call is confidential, and a counselor is ready to speak with you now.