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What Is Cross-Addiction?

What Is Cross-Addiction?When a person suffers from an addiction to a specific controlled substance, it is often assumed that that substance is the only substance they are addicted to. Even if a user only abuses one substance, however, he may be at an increased risk of developing an addiction to another substance. While users are addicted to a specific substance, substance abuse is a behavior that is learned and does not always apply to the singular substance. If an Albuquerque resident attends some sort of addiction treatment, when leaving the treatment center he needs to work hard to avoid all substance abuse, not just the substance of choice.

Cross-Addiction Basics

If a person in Albuquerque suffers from addiction to alcohol or a drug, they are more likely than the general population to become addicted to another substance. If a person is addicted to one substance, he is at high risk to become addicted to another substance if he abuses it. Cross-addiction typically means a person is addicted to more than one substance, but it can also mean a person is addicted to both a substance and a behavior, such as gambling, sex, or eating. Another name for cross-addiction is Addiction Interaction Disorder.

Cross-Addiction Complicates Addiction

Suffering from a cross-addiction makes it even more challenging for a user to overcome their addictions. When a user in Albuquerque suffers from multiple addictions, these addiction do more than coexist. Living with multiple addictions causes the addictions to interact and form relationships with each other. The link between a user’s addictions is difficult to understand and impossible to overcome without professional addiction treatment. Understanding how your addictions interact is necessary for you to fully heal from your addictions. Suffering from cross-addiction can cause your addictions to become more severe, and the way the addictions interact can make it increasingly difficult to live a normal life.

Treating Cross-Addiction in Albuquerque Residents

For users in Albuquerque that suffer from multiple addictions, they may require a specialized approach to addiction treatment. Addiction treatment should focus on all addictions a user suffers from in order to help him understand how his addictions are related and what needs to be done to avoid a relapse. If you need addiction treatment for multiple addictions, call our toll-free helpline today and learn more about what addiction treatment can do for you. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions about cross-addiction Albuquerque residents might have and help you find the best addiction treatment center for you.