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What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?Peer pressure is one of the most common instigators of the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol. Teenage drug abuse commonly begins because a teen wants to avoid being criticized by friends or they want to impress others. Using drugs or alcohol is often one of the only ways for a teen to fit into social groups and avoid becoming an outcast. Being a part of social group can create pressure to conform to whatever the group condones or participates in. If a social group begins the use of drugs, it may pressure each member to participate or ostracize non-users. There are healthy ways people in Albuquerque can avoid giving into peer pressure to use drugs including the following:

  • Choosing to spend time with a positive role model who can encourage good decision making and be a source of moral support
  • Avoiding people who would condone destructive behavior and promote poor decision making
  • Setting attainable goals and achieving them in order to build self-esteem which helps in handling criticism from peers and reduces the likelihood of giving into peer pressure
  • Becoming educated on the true dangers and risks of specific drugs can help a person to take an informed and knowledgeable approach to dealing with pressure from friends to use drugs
  • Having a supportive and non-judgmental role model to talk to and get advice from is important for a person dealing with peer pressure

Choosing friends wisely is critical to preventing first time drug use or preventing a relapse for those who are in recovery from a past addiction.

How to Avoid Giving Into Peer Pressure during Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, it can be even more difficult for a recovering addict to avoid peer pressure because most of their friends will be fellow drug users. One of the best ways Albuquerque residents can avoid negative peer pressure from past social groups is to get involved with a new social group that supports and encourages recovery from drug addiction. Getting involved with a recovery network that focuses on building a new and healthy life after addiction can be critical for a recovering addict’s success. Some things to consider that can help to avoid giving into negative peer pressure include the following:

  • Become removed from old social groups that condone drug use
  • Get involved with new social groups that support addiction recovery
  • Participate in professional therapy which can help in the development of healthy coping skills
  • Work with a personal sponsor that can help to build self-esteem and reduce the need for drugs
  • Create a social network of like-minded people that can offer support

Continuing old friendships with fellow drug users is not worth the risk of relapsing back into drug addiction. Relying on the support of new and healthy friendships can be critical to avoiding negative peer pressure and maintaining sobriety.

Need Help Avoiding Peer Pressure?

If you or someone you love in Albuquerque  is struggling with drug use and needs help, please call our toll-free number. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you in any way. Don’t be pressured into addiction. Call us today.