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Drug Treatment

Drug TreatmentAn undercurrent of drug addiction exists beyond the natural beauty and rich culture of the State of New Mexico. Long acknowledged as a transport point for the Mexican drug trade, New Mexico has encountered a high rate of trafficking and availability of street drugs – as well as widespread abuse and illegal distribution of prescription medication. As a result, the people of New Mexico have encountered the social, economic and oftentimes quite personal consequences of drug dependency and addiction. In fact, throughout the 21st century, New Mexico has experienced an increasing rate of drug-related deaths – many cited as the result of chronic drug abuse – garnering the state a reputation for one of the highest rates in the nation. In 1997 alone, New Mexico saw nearly 225 drug-induced deaths, along with more than 500 sentences handed out in 2000 for federal drug crimes.

Drug Addiction Among New Mexico Residents

For the average individual addicted to drugs in New Mexico, self-guided cessation simply does not result in long-term sobriety. The brain’s natural chemistry quickly becomes altered by the continual presence of drugs in the system, leading to chemical imbalances that foster continued use. Combined with symptoms of withdrawal that set in as drugs are abruptly removed from the system through periods of self-imposed abstinence, the physical, psychological and emotional stress that accompanies sudden cessation often is enough to pull drug dependent individuals back towards use. Additionally, the brain’s reward pathways become activated with each dose of illegal drugs, leading to operant conditioning over time. With repeated uses, the brain begins to heavily associate pleasure and relief with drug use, often leading users to self-medicate anxiety, stress, depression or other psychiatric issues with drug intoxication.

Drug Rehab Services for New Mexico Residents

For many individuals struggling against drug addiction in New Mexico, the path to sobriety involves inpatient drug rehabilitation care. With programs that range from 30 days to 90 days, inpatient drug rehab services allow New Mexico residents to heal and address the multifaceted causes of drug addiction. From Dual Diagnosis treatment that seeks to heal preexisting psychological conditions that may have led to self-medication attempts to detoxification services that allow the safe purging of drugs from the system, both physical and mental factors for drug use can be treated. Inpatient drug treatment provides high levels of care and supervision throughout the month-long recovery process, allowing drug users to forge new habits, develop and hone life skills for sobriety, and obtain a greater understanding of internal issues that may foster addiction.