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Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury drug rehabLuxury drug treatment programs can offer Albuquerque residents amenities and treatment modalities that go beyond the core offerings of most drug addiction rehabilitation centers. From heightened privacy to holistic treatment methods, patients at luxury drug treatment programs will find comprehensive treatment offered in accommodations that match even the highest standard of living.

Advantages to Luxury Drug Treatment Programs

With an emphasis on wellness and relaxation, luxury drug treatment programs offer distinct advantages to patients as they achieve sobriety. Along with standard methods of treatment such as on-site detoxification, medical supervision, group counseling and private therapy sessions, luxury drug addiction treatment programs offer additional advantages geared at all aspects of sober living and addiction recovery.

  • Privacy
    Many luxury drug treatment centers offer high-profile patients a confidential atmosphere for recovery from addiction. With low patient-to-staff ratios, high security facilities and secluded locales, luxury drug treatment centers can ensure healing takes place without unnecessary intrusions or undue attention. Many luxury drug treatment centers also offer options for private living quarters for those who require extra privacy.
  • State-of-the-Art Exercise Facilities
    While most residential drug rehab centers will offer exercise equipment or group sports activities, luxury inpatient drug recovery centers offer physical training facilities that simply are a cut above the rest. With amenities such as lap pools, outdoor sports fields, nearby hiking and biking trails and even personal trainers, luxury residential drug treatment centers emphasize exercise regimes to promote relaxation, stress reduction, better circulation and healthier living.
  • Gourmet Food Preparation
    Most drug rehabilitation centers emphasize healthy, balanced meals, but luxury inpatient drug facilities often take extra care in meal preparation. With gourmet chefs on staff, nutritionist-guided meals and accommodations for guests with special dietary needs (such as low-sodium, diabetic or vegetarian diets), meals are prepared with both taste and health in mind.
  • Technological Advances
    Residential luxury addiction treatment centers tend to offer high technology for patients’ convenience. Carefully made available to facilitate the most successful treatment for guests, amenities at luxury drug rehabilitation facilities often offer conveniences such as wi-fi internet access, DVD players and flat-screen or plasma televisions. Patient services, appointments and information are often handled with state-of-the-art technology as well, streamlining the enrollment and treatment process.
  • Alternative Medicine
    Luxury addiction rehabilitation centers often incorporate alternative medicine treatments into their standard regimens of care. From acupuncture and herbal preparations to yoga and massage, alternative medicine treatments can help aid the body’s healing process and promote mood stabilization and stress reduction. Luxury residential drug treatment programs can offer these alternative treatment healing methods guided by reputable, licensed practitioners.