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Military Drug Rehab

Military drug rehabFor many Albuquerque-based service members and their families, drug addiction has become a reality. From preexisting chemical imbalances to efforts at self-medication stemming from traumatic combat experiences, members of the US Armed Forces encounter substance addiction issues that necessitate residential care in order to fully heal. Prior to the Vietnam War, military drug rehab options were scarce and ill-equipped to handle the great need for recovery services among veterans and military personnel. However, in recent decades, the need for both drug addiction recovery services and Dual Diagnosis treatment capacity has gained further attention and funding, allowing veterans and enlisted men and women to obtain the drug rehabilitation necessary for sober living.

Military Drug Addiction Treatment and Dual Diagnosis

According to findings included in a 2005 report by the Department of Defense’s Defense Lifestyle Assessment Program, deployment can affect the rate of illicit drug use in military personnel. In fact, military members who had deployed between 2002 and 2005 experienced a higher rate of illicit drug use than military personnel who had not been deployed – along with higher rate of a host of mental health symptoms, including suicide attempts, family problems and alcohol or tobacco use. For some members of the military, illicit and prescription drug addiction occurs in response to the high stress – and sometimes harrowing experiences – associated with combat and deployment, leading to self-medication of mental health issues. In response, many military drug treatment programs offer Dual Diagnosis support, treating issues such as depression, anxiety, stress management and post-traumatic stress disorder conditions alongside drug addiction. Studies have shown that concurrent treatment of both mental health issues and drug dependency garner higher recovery rates than separate treatment of either condition alone.

Private Military Drug Rehabilitation Options

For some individuals, drug addiction persists despite completion of recovery programs offered by the military itself. In these cases, military personnel may require more intensive, residential treatment in order to fully heal from drug addiction. Fortunately, many private drug rehabilitation centers offer staff experienced in treatment of military personnel – and unique issues they may face such as family separation, marital stressors, deployment and combat stress. Many private drug treatment centers also can accommodate military schedules, with immediate enrollment available in many locales.

Finding Military Drug Addiction Treatment from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Whether you are an enlisted member of the US Armed Forces, or know a loved one in the military struggling against drug addiction, confidential recovery solutions are available to help pave the road back to sobriety. With access to a network of effective, private drug treatment centers, our caring and compassionate counselors can match you some of the most successful rehabilitation centers in the nation experienced in treating military personnel. We invite you to call our confidential help line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak to an addiction enrollment specialist to learn about your options for drug addiction treatment and recovery.