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Residential Drug Rehab

Residential Drug RehabWhen drug addiction takes hold, residential drug treatment programs can help individuals heal physically and emotionally in order to return to sober living. However, for many facing addiction in Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico, antiquated stereotypes can lead to fears about entering residential drug treatment programs. In actuality, the rehabilitation industry has undergone significant changes in the last decade, providing confidential, comprehensive and compassionate treatment for drug addiction throughout the country.

Three Effective Residential Drug Rehab Options

In keeping with the changes in effect throughout the addiction treatment industry, drug rehabs now can offer specialized services geared at the specific demographics, needs and preferences of individuals seeking to recover from drug addiction. While the methodologies and character of each rehabilitation program varies, addicted individuals and their loved ones can more easily locate a drug recovery program that matches their ideology and lifestyle level. Despite struggles that New Mexico rehabilitation centers have faced with capacity for treatment in recent years due to overburdening, many Albuquerque residents have sought out-of-state drug rehab options that only further serve to widen drug treatment options.

  • Luxury Residential Drug Rehab
    With high levels of personalized attention and the most lavish of facilities, luxury residential rehab centers offer a comfortable and serene setting for recovery. With nutritious gourmet meal preparation, intensive individual counseling sessions and added exercise options such as yoga classes, swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses, luxury residential drug rehabilitation centers offer a breadth of healing options for those used to a certain standard of living. While luxury residential drug rehab centers tend to carry a higher price tag – sometimes costing several times what standard drug rehab programs do – they often deliver appropriately matched services and lodging.
  • Holistic Residential Drug Rehab
    For those seeking the natural approach to dealing with a drug addiction, holistic residential rehab centers may be most appropriate choice. At holistic rehab centers, patients enjoy drug-free detoxification, an emphasis on wellness and nutrition, exercise training and stress reduction techniques.
  • Demographic Specific Residential Drug Rehab
    With an aim at an elimination of distractions and strengthened camaraderie, some residential drug rehab programs target a specific demographic. Same-sex rehabilitation centers are available for those who seek residential treatment in a female-only or male-only atmosphere. Certain rehabilitation centers will cater to single mothers, young adults or those with concurrent mental conditions – though many standard drug rehabilitation programs will tailor existing treatment regimens to these populations as well. Faith-based residential rehabilitation centers also exist for those with a commitment to religious values, although many 12-step residential drug treatment programs will incorporate spirituality and the assistance of a higher power into the recovery process, allowing patients to adapt the program to their specific religious views (or lack thereof).