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Santa Fe Rehab Centers

Santa Fe Rehab CentersSanta Fe has earned a reputation as a culturally rich and diverse region of New Mexico. However, the state’s issues with drug availability, distribution and ensuing addiction have addled both the city and county of Santa Fe in recent decades. In fact, for every 100,000 residents of Santa Fe County, nearly 20 deaths annually were attributable to drug use and addiction. In addition to illicit street drugs such as heroin and cocaine smuggled across state lines, prescription drug abuse remains one of the most pressing issues in the state, with 10 percent of high school seniors having used  Vicodin in the last 12 months. Notable cases of border guards and even government employees involved with illicit drug use have come to light in Santa Fe County as well, underscoring the drug epidemic’s reach beyond social, economic and educational barriers.

Drug Detoxification Programs for Santa Fe Residents

For residents who find themselves struggling against drug addiction in Santa Fe County, residential drug rehabilitation centers can offer detoxification services, intense therapy and transitional guidance to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. After years of drug abuse, brain chemistry can become altered, accounting for the mood swings, personality changes, cravings and withdrawal symptoms that are often hallmarks of physical drug addiction. Using natural methods and largely over-the-counter medications, medically supervised detoxification can be performed to safely allow the body to return to its pre-addiction state.

Psychological Drug Addiction Treatment for Santa Fe Residents

Once the body has successfully detoxified from drugs, competent and caring counselors can guide addicted individuals through the psychological healing process. For those suffering from concurrent mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit or personality disorders, simultaneous Dual Diagnosis treatment is also offered by many drug treatment programs serving the Santa Fe population.

With 12-step style meetings, group therapy sessions and individualized counseling available, the emotional and mental effects of drug use can be treated. Cognitive behavioral therapy is often employed in order to break behavioral or thought patterns that may foster addiction, and trauma therapies can be used to deal with psychic wounds that may have led drug-addicted individuals to escape traumatic memories through drug use. Forward-looking therapies may also be employed, such as family counseling sessions, aftercare planning and stress or anger management techniques in order to equip the recovering individual for a drug-free future.

Seeking Drug Treatment Beyond Santa Fe

If you or someone you love battles drug addiction in Santa Fe, our trained counselors can help guide you through the rehabilitation enrollment process. Our staff welcomes your inquiries and questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on our toll-free addiction helpline. With intimate knowledge of the nation’s best regarded drug treatment centers, our confidential addiction specialists are available to listen to your story and align you with a rehabilitation center matched to your needs.