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South Valley Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

South Valley Drug and Alcohol RehabsFor many South Valley residents, the struggle against drugs and alcohol can be lifelong and life-threatening. In fact, despite the fact South Valley houses just 40,000 residents, rates of drug and alcohol deaths remain high. Bernalillo County spent more than four million dollars in 2010 alone on DWI (driving while intoxicated) expenses, including prevention, planning, response and enforcement. Additionally, across Bernalillo County alone, unintentional deaths from accidental drug overdoses occur at a rate of more than 24 per 100,000 individuals – evidence of the drug pandemic that has swept the State of New Mexico in recent years.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for South Valley Residents

For many South Valley residents coming to terms with family addiction issues, the high cost associated with residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation creates hesitancy to seek treatment. However, studies have consistently shown that inpatient addiction treatment programs garner higher success rates than outpatient programs achieve. Fortunately, residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment can become accessible to South Valley residents through a variety of resources. Private insurance coverage will oftentimes significantly lower (or in some cases, entirely cover) the costs of residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, while state-funded health care also provides addiction treatment coverage.

For some, outside measures such as second mortgages, personal loans or familial gifts can help cover the costs of inpatient rehabilitation – and for many, the cost of addiction treatment becomes an investment in their financial future as earning potential rises in sobriety. Some residential drug and alcohol treatment programs serving the South Valley population also offer measures to make rehab more affordable, from financing options and payment plans to scholarships or sliding scale fees.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Treatment Beyond South Valley

For some South Valley residents, alcohol treatment programs within the Bernalillo County – or even Albuquerque drug rehabilitation centers – do not best serve the addicted individual’s needs.  Commonly, “triggers” for drug and alcohol use can encompass a host of local factors, from associates who may still be drinking or using to life pressures such as occupational stress, familial issues and romantic relationships with other addicted individuals or those who enable drug or alcohol use. Other South Valley residents may find they require an addiction treatment program with more amenities or privacy than local drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers provide. For some individuals, concurrent mental health issues – such as depression, anxiety, cognitive or personality disorders – have contributed to the development of addiction and require treatment at rehabilitation centers with Dual Diagnosis capacities.

If you are a South Valley resident facing drug or alcohol addiction, our professional addiction counselors welcome your call. Our toll-free addiction treatment helpline is available to South Valley residents 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Competent and compassionate addiction specialists are ready to listen to your story and can put you in touch with the financial and treatment resources you need in order to achieve long-term sobriety.